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White Papers

The New Payer: What Makes the Healthcare Consumer Tick?

Why do healthcare brands struggle to connect with healthcare consumers? The answers are elusive, but the need to more deeply study consumer perception is evident. National Research Corporation embarked on a cross-country study to determine what drives consumer behavior—specifically awareness, selection, and loyalty—and how healthcare brands can better engage and influence consumers.

2015 Healthcare Consumer Trends

Consumers are always online, and the vast majority rely on ratings and reviews for decisions both small and large. Within healthcare, transparency is paramount for consumers seeking the full story on services of unparalleled importance. National Research Corporation set out to conduct a special survey on the digital behaviors of healthcare consumers.

Consumerism, Safety, and Branding in Healthcare: Consumer Perceptions on Hospitals Providing Transition Support

In a white paper published by National Research Corporation, Consumerism, Safety, and Branding in Healthcare: Consumer Perceptions on Hospitals Providing Transition Support, Dr. Jennifer Volland evaluates the consumer view of post-hospitalization discharge calls as a high-impact strategy that organizations are using to improve care.

Publication Explores Long Term Care Reform and the Case for Cautious Optimism

This white paper from My InnerView by National Research Corporation explores how critical progress can be made to meet the important societal challenge of caring for an increasingly aged population.

White Paper Highlights Link Between Reputation and Consumer Preference

A new white paper from National Research Corporation details findings derived from the Market Insights Survey that demonstrate how hospital reputation is directly tied to consumer preference.

White Paper Presents New Research in Customer-Centered Care

National Research Corporation and The Governance Institute publish a joint white paper showcasing 18 months of consumer perception research indicating leadership opportunities across the healthcare continuum.