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Case Studies

Seeking Systemness: Pursuing a Customer-Driven Health System Strategy

For decades hospitals have come together-some through mergers and acquisitions, others naturally clustered through expansion-to form what we properly term the "healthcare system." Many of these systems still operate independently and share few resources while taking scarce directive from the corporate office. What is shifting now is the desire to be seen, heard, and felt by the consumer as a healthcare system-all motivated by reform and its merger-friendly demand for efficiency.

Advertising Testing: The Importance of Pre-Launch Campaign Success

St. Vincent's HealthCare, Jackson, FL
The outpouring of positive feedback and support has been nearly overwhelming for Brockmeier and company. Comments, notes, and inquiries came from colleagues, competitors and actual consumers. The “St.” campaign’s pretest performance was a harbinger of future market success. Take the metric of “compassionate care” for example: AdVoice showed a lift in consumer reaction to St. Vincent’s ability to provide “compassionate care” after viewing the ad.

Brand Equity in Healthcare: The Impact of Branding in a Changing HealthCare Landscape

At its core, brand equity in healthcare is the idea hospitals and health systems must build a strong brand and position it over time to survive and flourish in a changing healthcare landscape. Brand equity in healthcare is built through the continuous accumulation of thoughts, feelings, opinions, and behaviors regarding a hospital or health system based on the experience it provides the customer.

Meritus Praises Employees, Improves Experience

Meritus Health System, Hagerstown, MD
Meritus Health System (MHS), a 260-bed acute-care facility located in Hagerstown, MD, is steadfast in its efforts to deliver high-quality patient experiences. To ensure consistency at the staff level, MHS established its Praise Patrol in September 2009 and charged the team with the task of invigorating its employee recognition program.

Embracing Patient-Centered Care Improves Quality

at Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, Omaha, NE
NRC Picker recognizes Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH), a small specialty hospital in Omaha, NE, for positive outcomes it has realized as a result of its commitment to patient-centered care. To better understand NOH's quality improvement efforts, NRC Picker asked team members D.J. Scrivner, CNO, NEA-BC, Dava Osborne, marketing and public relations coordinator, and Carol Groothuis, manager of quality and accreditation, to share their successful practices and daily challenges.  

International Comparison of Patient Experience Data

by David Van Winkle, PhD
As the global economy expands, nations, businesses and people are becoming increasingly exposed to foreign markets and services in the international marketplace. This increased exposure calls for better understanding of the variation within and among national markets and service sectors to assess potential strengths and weaknesses to maximize benefit for all. Differences in the way that nations provide such an important and basic societal service such as healthcare may be one of the most significant themes impacting national and global economies.

St. Joseph's Employees Spoke

The hospital listened and created excellence
St. Joseph’s Health Care, London implemented its second employee workplace survey in the fall of 2006. The organization once again worked with NRC Picker, which conducted St. Joseph’s 2003 employee experience survey.”

University Health System Delivers Patient-Centered Care, Achieves Magnet

University Health System, San Antonio, TX
University Health System (UHS), a nationally recognized academic medical center and partner of The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, is consistently acknowledged as an innovator for advancing treatment options, new technologies and clinical research. It’s been named as one of the nation’s Most Wired Hospitals & Health Systems and as one of the Top 25 Most Connected Healthcare Facilities. It’s also been recently designated as a Magnet® healthcare organization by the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC).