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Let's Get It Right

Understanding the Keys Behind What Makes Staff Engaged—and Happy—in Post-Acute Environments. Published in Provider, October 2015

Money Talks. Or Does It?

Published in NCAL Focus, September 2015
Providers that invest in improvements for employees have a direct impact on overall resident, patient, and employee perceptions of the organizations. But investing in the right improvements is critical—and the most meaningful changes are not always costly.

The National Center for Assisted Living has expanded its Quality Initiative

Published in NCAL Focus, July 2015
The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) has expanded its Quality Initiative to meet measurable goals in staff stability, customer satisfaction, hospital readmissions, and antipsychotics by March 2018. All of these initiatives are designed to improve organizational success and resident outcomes.

Management's Interaction with Customers, Employees Makes a Difference

Published in NCAL Focus, November 2014
Managers of assisted living communities are do” task lists. Yet the subjective elements of managers—those that are difficult to define and harder to teach—are just as important as other responsibilities.

Female Employees Rate Workplace Safety Slightly Lower Than Male Employees

Published in NCAL Focus, September 2014
Employees are the heartbeat of any organization. Research shows that assisted living communities that have higher levels of employee satisfaction also have higher levels of resident and family satisfaction.

Remodeling a Broken System through Hospital-Payer Partnerships

Published at journals,lww,com, September 2014, Published in Nursing Management.
An outcome of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the creation of tighter alignments between hospital-payer partnerships through contractual agreements and incentivized programs.

Where Population Health Management and Risk Collide: Risk Propensity as a Critical Competency

Published at, Q3 2014
With the changes in United States health policy over the past few years, transitions of care and population health management have become areas of increased focus.

Data Trend: Most Assisted Living Staff Believe Management Cares

Published in NCAL Focus, May 2014
In 2013, employees rated management higher or remained steady, compared with 2012 results, according to National Research.

What Affects The Recommendation Of Assisted Living Residents And Families?

Published in NCAL Focus, December 2013
A key to understanding what influences an assisted living resident’s likelihood to recommend their community as a place to live is to identify what aspects of the community matter most to them.

Research article discusses scripting and teach-back impact on HCAHPS

Published in Advance for Nurses, October 7, 2013
A new approach to optimizing scripting and teach-back with HCAHPS is discussed in an in-depth article.

How Do Assisted Living Employees Rank Domains That Matter Most

Published in NCAL Focus, October 2013
As assisted living communities strive to increase retention of frontline staff, it’s important to remember that many communities are voluntarily measuring employee satisfaction and engagement through surveys to better understand issues
that impact retention, resident satisfaction, and more.

What Influenced Your Residents Or Their Families To Choose Your Community?

Published in NCAL Focus, August 2013
Every day, families across the country face the question of which assisted living community to choose for their loved ones. What most influences their decision?

Quality Improvement: Two Ways To Benefit From Actionable Data

Published in Provider Magazine, October 2012
Customer-centric measurement does little for quality comparative benchmarking. This is an important time for senior living and long term care providers.

Managers' Concern For Staff Is Important Factor In Satisfaction Rate

Published in NCAL Focus, December 2012
Assisted living staff need to believe that their managers care about them. In the 2011 National Research Corporation report based on My InnerView's surveys of assisted living employees, the survey asked employees in 12 categories to respond to this question: "Does management care about employees?"

Healthcare Leaders' Role in Care Transitions

Published in Healthcare Executive Magazine, March/April 2013
The Governance Institute, a service of National Research Corporation, was featured in March/April 2013 issue of Healthcare Executive Magazine. The article was written by Gregg Loughman and Kathryn Peisert.

Aligning Hospital Outcomes and Accountability

Published in the CAHQ Journal, Volume 35, Issue 4, 4th Quarter, 2011
Written by Jennifer Volland, R.N., B.S.N., M.B.E., M.B.B., CPHQ, NEA-BC, FACHE, Vice President for Program Development, National Research Corporation