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Health Risk Assessments

Setting the Standard for Payer and Provider HRAs

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) by National Research Corporation offer an impressive portfolio of tools designed to meet the specialized data needs of both payer and provider clients. The unique insights offered through HRAs allow both payers and providers to deliver more customer-centric healthcare. These solutions are the primary information source for population health management, community wellness, and preventive care solutions for healthcare payers and providers.

National Research has surveyed more than 3 million health plan members over the past 10 years. Today, our clients represent hundreds of regional and national Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, commercial, and special needs plans located across the U.S., including 3 of the top 10 health plans.

What’s more, HRAs are not just for payers. National Research HRAs are gaining popularity on the provider side. As providers increasingly accept risk through new models of care delivery and payment, HRAs provide critical insights to care management organizations that want to get ahead and stay ahead of at-risk patient populations.

Manage the Care of Those Who Are Most at Risk
Health Risk Assessments help health plan clients and care management organizations effectively stratify and manage the care of those who are most at-risk members in an effort to heighten engagement, improve outcomes, and drive at-risk populations to chronic condition management, preventive care consumption, quality solutions, and higher member satisfaction.

Timely, Actionable, Impactful Data
A proven combination of effective outreach and intelligent population health survey tools sets National Research apart as the most innovative HRA solutions provider. The quality of the predictive focus in the surveys adds further value to the data—revealing facts that are timely, actionable, and impactful.

HRA Products and Profiles
Helping health plans and providers improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Medicare
    Available exclusively from National Research Corporation, complete Medicare risk stratification systems for Medicare and Medicare Advantage.
    • Senior Health Profiles® - National Research pioneered the concepts of risk factors and risk probability profiles starting in 1993. Today, we have the largest private Medicare risk factor database in the nation.
    • 5-Star Profiles – Co-developed with a leading national health plan and launched in 2011, this instrument provides 3 validated risk scales: Probability of Repeated Admissions (PRA), Frailty, and Depression. Plus, it provides key data points that health plans need to positively impact Star Ratings related to measures of Staying Healthy, Chronic Condition Management, and Member Satisfaction.
    • Special Needs Health Profiles – Profiling Special Needs Plan (SNP) beneficiaries, this instrument goes beyond validated scales to incorporate targeted questions designed to identify unique risk factors inherent for SNP populations.
  • Medicaid/Commercial
    • Good Health Profiles® – Identify Medicaid or commercial beneficiaries who may have multi-morbidities and unmanaged chronic conditions. Both adult and child versions are available, each focusing on the most common, highest cost conditions for patients and plan members.
    • Pregnancy Health Profiles – Co-developed with a major regional insurer that specializes in stratifying at-risk pregnant beneficiaries, this profile has helped identify thousands who have benefited from enhanced care management.
  • Other HRA Benefits
    • Wellness and Preventive Care Program Support – Help your patients or members engage with and maintain personal health. If you plan to implement a custom wellness program, National Research can help you design one with proactive engagement, ongoing outreach, program support, validation, fulfillment, and follow up.
    • Proactive Engagement – National Research offers tools that help drive an engaged relationship with your patients or health plan members, including preventive care reminders, rapid service recovery program support module, and post-acute discharge transition follow up.

Mitigating Risk Starts Here
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