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Senior Data Analyst

Senior Data Analyst

Post date: February, 2014
Position location: Seattle, WA

National Research Corporation (NRC) is a healthcare research and quality improvement firm offering performance measurement and improvement to the healthcare industry. NRC is a leading provider of ongoing performance measurement, improvement, analysis and tracking services to healthcare organizations. NRC offers healthcare providers, consultants, associations, vendors, payers, investors, and other stakeholders data around quality of care, patient and staff satisfaction, patient outcomes, consumer perceptions, health risk assessments, and financial results.


NRC’s post-acute healthcare analytics group is looking for an experienced, talented, and self-directed analyst for fulfilling custom reports and analyses.  The ideal candidate would be an analyst with a healthcare background who can interface effectively with clients, interpret their analytical needs, understand the data sources, and work to build efficient and relevant reporting solutions for measuring outcomes and improving quality. The ideal candidate has produced custom reports, engaged in one-off in-depth data research, and written papers or articles and/or has done presentations related to data and research. They have also worked effectively with a range of internal clients and associates, from technical teams to business leadership, and can assist with a variety of data-related activities, from writing specs and QA’ing calculations to offering consultative and creative advice about opportunities to use analyses to promote our thought-leadership position and engage with our audiences.

The Senior Data Analyst’s main responsibilities will be designing and running analyses in SQL, creating custom reports for clients in Excel, producing research, and improving HA operations. Specific duties include:

  • Interface directly with clients to determine their analysis needs, answer questions, and deliver reports
  • Create custom reports and analyses of satisfaction, health outcomes, and financial data, often under tight deadlines
  • Write queries in SQL, MySQL, and WPS to extract data and perform calculations
  • Design reports in MS-Excel to meet clients’ reporting needs
  • Write functional specifications/requirements, SOPs, and other documentation for projects
  • Design and execute medium-scale data projects from start-to-finish (for example, design a new database structure, data integrity rules, and reporting guidelines for an integrated data set, then build the database, set up data processing components, and produce Innovative analyses)
  • Use an understanding of the data, its depths, and its limitations to offer guidance around analytic needs and suggest new, interesting, and meaningful approaches to using data


  • Experience in the healthcare industry
  • Advanced skills in MS Office, specifically Excel and at least 3 years’ experience writing queries in SQL
  • Understanding of data specifications and documentation and how to work with software developers
  • Strong communication skills, specifically the ability to clearly explain technical information in writing and engage in consultative conversations with large clients
  • Bachelor’s degree


  • Experience in post-acute healthcare (home care, long term care, or hospice)
  • Experience using SAS software including macro language and with Excel macros
  • Experience designing reports
  • Experience with SPSS including ability to write syntax
  • Understanding of basic statistical concepts and methods
  • Previous experience leading team members
  • Published articles or papers, interest in and experience speaking to audiences