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Path to Excellence Award Program

Path to Excellence Award Program

The Path to Excellence Awards recognize the work of so many people in each winning organization. The people involved come from a wide range of disciplines and skills, working together in coordinated teams and exerting effort over time to listen to their patients and respond to their needs. We know the top leaders of each award winning organizations are committed to improving quality and increasing patient-centered care within their facilities. We recognize that firm commitment from the top is a key driver of change, and these attitudes are reflected in the frontline work of the organization. The daily drive, commitment, and attentive thinking of individual staff members lead to creative changes that improve what patients experience when they rely on medical care.

Path to Excellence award recipients were selected from the National Research extensive database of clients within ten categories (a. bed size 300 or more; b. bed size between 100 to less than 300 c. bed size fewer than 100; d. children’s hospitals; e. CG CAHPS adult users; g. pediatric CG CAHPS users; g. improvement planner users; h. patient outreach users; i. hospitals eligible for inpatient value-based purchasing; j. HCAHPS enhanced users) to achieve a top-two ranking of top performing or most improved patient experience scores, over the last four quarters, Q2 2014-Q1 2015 (April 2014-March 2015) in the overall rating questions (except in the case of the Value-based Purchasing where performance on all HCAHPS measures were evaluated and on the HCAHPS enhanced users where Patient-centered Dimensions of Care were evaluated).

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