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Measuring What Matters Most

For more than 34 years, National Research has helped healthcare
organizations align, grow, retain, and engage their health population.

We’ve kept our partners on the forefront of consumer-centric care
through board guidance, consumer insights, experience measurement
and improvement, and increased transparency.

How do we do it?



Ensure your customers are delighted by their experience through the collection of real-time feedback, multiple communication modes, and better insight, coaching, and improvement strategies.
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Market Insights

Tap into the voice of the customer, and grow your business through nationwide consumer and brand insights, competitive market analysis, and in-depth community feedback.
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Share ratings and reviews from your patients online by leveraging your existing patient experience data. Manage your online reputation, enable patients to make better-informed care decisions, and build trust.
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Provide leaders at your organization with actionable insights to improve strategic efficiency and outcomes through education, research, and analysis of industry trends and shared best practices.
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The Healing Light of Transparency
UAMS Leaders Share Why Transparency Was a Must for Their Organization online physician reviews.
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"We are delighted to work with NRC. They have been such an asset
to what we are trying to do...They are responsive.
They are aggressive. They have really been partners with us."

- Julie Ginn Moretz -
Associate Vice Chancellor, Center for Patients and Families,
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



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